Carol - The Walking Dead
My third and final portrait Carol Peletier (portrayed by Melissa McBride) done for a portion of my Senior Gallery Showing (the other two being “Negan” and “Rick Grimes”). Each character was chosen to play into the concept of the showing entirely. Total Time: 10-15 hours Materials Pencils (4B-8B) Charcoal Blending […]

Carol – The Walking Dead

The front page of a website made for showcasing various modern methods of transportation using social and mobile applications, such as Uber and Lyft. Done using HTML/CSS and Adobe Dreamweaver.

Catch A Ride – Website Design

Negan -  The Walking Dead
A digital painting of the character, Negan, portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, from the AMC TV Show The Walking Dead. Done in Photoshop with a Wacom Tablet and a brush, using a custom pose. Total time About 50-60 Hours

Negan – The Walking Dead

An assignment in a Web Design class. I created a logo for a night club/restaurant entitled “Lady Day’s” (named after the singer Billie Holiday) and did mockup of the logo on various products and placements.

Lady Day’s – Logo Design and Mockups

A website designed for The Old Post Road Orchestra ( Designed using WordPress, and various HTML/CSS. Website Design

rick2 6
A portrait of Rick Grimes (portrayed by Andrew Lincoln).   Size 8×10   Total Time: 10-15 hours   Materials Pencils (4B-8B) Charcoal Blending Stumps Colored pencils Conte Crayon  

Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead

A mosaic done for a Cedar’s Halloween social media post. Made out of chickpeas, wraps, and pita chips.

Cedar’s Halloween Mosaic